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Sometimes - I just like to doodle in sort of a random, stream of mind state.  I just draw whatever comes to mind - and not really worry about the context.  It is sort of a good exercise - but it also goes beyond that - the surreal - a place I like to go.  I needed to relax the other day - and this drawing is what I came up with.  There are alot of repeat images in this study.  I love to throw VW beetles, UFOs, coyotes , chickens, stars and mountains in my illustrations.  They are common motifs of mine - Signature in style and shape.  This was a lot of fun to create - and I wouldn't read into the imagery too much - although it probably relates to my character and my sense of humour and some experiences I may have had.  This is a sort of YOGA for good ole Mick - and it was fun to create.

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Image of 5ss2sm2rev.jpg

5 Shooting Stars - 2006 - 9" x 12" This is a very recent illustration - and it's lovely reverse image - This was a recent yogic release that was absolutely necessary - due to five shooting stars - count them...ah...

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Nude Study - 2002 - 2" x 6" - Ink on Watercolour Paper

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Heron - 1996 - 9" x 12" - Ink on W/C Paper - this image was used as the invitation card for the Lasting Impressions Gallery - art show entitled:
"Natures Calling"  

The simplicity of this drawing
is something I find wonderful.
Again this is Yoga...

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Border - India Ink on Watercolour Paper - 10" x 10" - 1999

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Border (Negative) - India Ink on Watercolour Paper - 10" x 10" - 1999

This has been my most used illustration over the last few years.  I am very happy with the result of this border - Altering it into a negative image has provided a very strong and useful composition.  The motifs are similiar from the Beachwood Sparks illustration - there are also a lot my Yellowstone and out west images.  Some cool images include: the Apache Trout (with large shoulders), a Hockey Goalie - with an arrowhead jersey, Peyote buttons, the Texas Horned Lizard, topless hot potters, mermaids, bison, mountains, buttes, butts, beetles, dotted passing lines, wrenches, spark plugs, etc.  It is almost like this is a surrealistic still life - I just randomly created images that I find funky and arranged them in a intermeshing-cohesive border.  And again - all of this was drawn with my favourite - hunt 107 - old fashioned ink nib.

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Here is another border - completed Aug. 2003 - I had just opened a new bottle of black spider ink.  It was a little more runny than I am used to - so the lines went on quite thick.  The imagery is very much similar to the above border.  I wanted to re-investigate this sort of motif surrealism.  Sorta Joe Norris giving way to a more mystical approach - Cheers Joe - I always dug your frames - they have now officially rubbed off on me - But not in the form of ships and seagulls - VW's, Nudes, Bison, Landscapes (specially mountains and Buttes) - Stars, Fish - These are my motifs - this is my system of motifs and I kinda dig it.  

And here is the psychedelic trans-morphed image of Mick circa 1997 superimposed on this wonderful reverse image. I have found great inner peace with this piece. Ha! Ha!

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Thumbnail Warriors

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Here is a surreal doodle I completed recently and its wonderful reverse image partner from a parallel universe.  This is probably my most surreal image on this fine website.  I created this doodle whilst under great stress - I felt angry - pissed off - messed up and unable to focus.  So rather than shooting up I doodled - as my outlet...
It's kinda messed up - but pure surrealism - "Psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express - verbally, by means of the written work, or in any other manner - the actual functioning of thought.  Dictated by thought, in the absense of any control exercised by reason, exempt from any aesthetic or moral concern." Andre Breton, p.26 Manifestoes of Surrealism - 1924  

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This page is secretly becoming my favourite - it is very honest and pure - these are my thoughts - I don't care if I sell my thoughts - I just intend to express my world in pen and ink.  

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Untitled - (Inspired by the Music of Beachwood Sparks)
2002 - Ink and Pencil on Watercolour Paper - 7" x 7"- $150.00

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July Doodle - 2007 - sat on the dock and let my mind wander - some images keep haunting, err rekindling and reforming in my mind and on my drawing paper.

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