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Mick Tilman CV

March 8 - 12, 2007 - "Holy Crow - Part 2" - at the Kathleen McKay Gormley Art Centre - Unionville

October 2003 - March 2004 - @ L A T I T U D E - 89 Harbord Street, Toronto -

October 25, 26, 27, 2002 - Selected for the McMichael Autumn Art sale @ the McMichael Candian Art Gallery, Kleinburg, Ontario

Aug 14 - Sept 28, 2002 selected for The Frederick Horsman Varley Galery - Annual Juried Show

May 3 - 4, 2002 - Art Aurora, 40th Annual Show - Won Honourable Mention for "Bathurst Farm"
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April 15 - 26, 2002 - The Broken Fence Society 4th Annual Juried Environmental Art Show - "Mercury Rising"
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April 2002  100 Acre Gallery - Spring Salon Show, Grand Valley, Ontario

Aug  2001  Selected for the Frederick Horsman Varley Juried Show (Featuring the painting"Eagle Lake Road")
May 2001 - accepted to webpage
Apr 2001  The Broken Fence Society - selected for the 3rd Annual Juried show - Acadia Gallery - Toronto (Featuring the painting "Testosterone")
Feb 2001  Art for Nature - Give the Moraine a Helping Hand @ A Space - Richmond St. - Toronto

Dec 2000  Varley Gallery, Unionville, Ontario juried miniature show
May 2000 Natural Causes - Solo Show @ Newmarket Theatre, Newmarket, Ontario
Apr 2000  The Broken Fence - Environmental Art Juried Show

Dec 1999  Varley Gallery juried miniature show
Aug 1999  Celebrating the Sensual Nude in Art - Juried Show Burnt Toast Art Gallery and Studio (Featuring the painting "Purple Rose")
Jun 1999  Graduated from York University Honours Arts Humanities & Fine Arts (Drawing)
May 1999  Art of Living Show - (N.D.A.C.L.)
Mar 1999  The Broken Fence Society - Environmental Art Juried Show
Jan 1999  "A Sacred Journey" - Arthur Haberman Gallery - York University, Toronto, Ontario

Dec 1998  Varley Gallery juried miniature show
Aug 1998  Nelson Park Creative Centre, Etibicoke, Ontario
Aug 1998  Selected for the Frederick Horsman Varley Juried Show
Jun 1998  Frederick Varley House - Unionville "Breakerless Points"

Dec 1997  Varley juried miniature show
Aug 1997               Selected for the Frederick Horsman Varley Juried Show
Jul 1997 Frederick Varley House - Unionville "Statick Organick"

Mar 1996  "Lasting Impressions" Wilderness  Exhibit - Newmarket
Mar 1996  five pieces on display at Ironwood Gallery, Peterborough
Feb 1996    "HOLY CROW"  -  Art Show @ Aurora Public Library
Feb 1996  "Nymph and Satyr" at Lasting Impressions - Erotica Show, Newmarket

Dec 1995  "El Polo Loco Motive", Link Gallery - Newmarket Hospital
Jun 1995 Painted a Sixty by Fifteen foot mural at Arc Industries cafeteria (for developmentally challenged Adults) of a field of Sunflowers
Jan 1995  "More Fun Stuff" , solo art show at the Aurora Public Library
Jun 1991  "Mother of the Big Sky" , solo art show in the Newmarket Public Library
Sep 1988  Attended York University
Jun 1987  Graduated Huron Heights in Newmarket - Won the Visual Arts Award.

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