Cars - A Car-Toon (c2000)

As a side project - Mick created a Car-toon. This started in 2000 and could possibly be the inspiration for a big budget movie...Ha, ha!   You see he believes (vehemently) - That the most fun vehicle to drive is a 1973 VW camper van - and get this - with an underpowered 1600cc Beetle engine ...  Ya - he is crazy that way - In fact the only other cars that come close to his specs are possibly a 1978 first generation CIVIC or a 1975 Super Beetle.  Thus we have his Car-toon... A cool thing about this Car-toon is the medium - Mick uses his trade mark - old fashion pen and ink (nib in permanent black spider ink) to create these wild beasts of burden.... Oh yeah this Car-toon has been featured in the long defunct Imagine Magazine... Enjoy. Note: All characters are products of the artist's imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblence to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental.

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Episode #1

Episode #2

Episode #4

Episode #5

CAR-acter Sketches

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Harry (Honda - Civic) 1978 - 1300cc... Peppy, Reliable and sorta witty... Has a few glitches that need to be sorted out...
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Wolfgang (mid seventies VW Super Beetle) - 1600cc - parts from various years and some parts are not correct or put on wrong - always getting into the most hilarious of situations - always getting recycled - Buddhist Tendancies... )

New for 2002 - Steve Austin Mini
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Steve (Austin Mini) - Early 60's proto-type - incredibly underpowered 1100cc - allergies include hills and cold weather - he's a stuck up monarchist...

Mick's personal relationship with Cars...

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