Country Drive

Image of grazzingsm.jpg
New Painting - "Grazzing on Sixteenth Avenue (King Township)" - Acrylic, Ink, Watercolour and Pastel on Watercolour Paper - 12" x 18" - August 2005, ($900.00)

The above painting "GraZZing on 16th Ave." is one I had contemplated for quite a while. This ain't just a drive by for me. I took a large panaramic photo of this scene and actually did a small study for it before making a "serious" attempt. I never do studies - so this was new for me...

Image of grazingstudysm.jpg
Grazing Study - 2005 - Ink, Acrylic, Pencil, and Watercolour on Watercolour paper. 5.5" x 8.5" ($100.00)

I am glad I actually did the above study. My second attempt is not really accurate in terms of the landscape. I just was playing with the idea of different animals grazing with some haywheels around them. My second attempt is much more accurate to the landscape - and it worked much better for me. The sheep kinda suck in the study. In the final version I decided to paint the sheep WHITE - holy crow!!! Besides clouds I have never painted with white. I am known for my colour usage and I guess in some instances abusage...

Image of grazzingphoto1.jpg

Here is the photo I worked from - It is actually five photos stitched together - that is why it looks so wide - almost like a wide angle shot. The animals of course I had to make much larger...

Other Drive By Paitings

Image of queensvillefarmsm.jpg
Queensville Farm - 2001 - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - mixed media on watercolour paper ($150.00)

Image of eagle lake road-cr.jpg
Eagle Lake Road (Haliburton) - 2000 - 11" x 15" - mixed media on watercolour paper (SOLD) click here for more
Image of bathurstfarm.jpg
Bathurst Farm (Aurora) - 2001 - 10" x 11" - mixed media on watercolour paper ($450.00) click here for more

Image of aurora horses1.jpg
Aurora Horses - 2001 - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - mixed media on watercolour paper (SOLD)

Image of hroad-med.jpg
Blue House on Harburn Road (Haliburton) - July 2002 - 11" x 15" - Ink, Acrylic, Pastel and Pen on Watercolour Paper - ($600.00)  

Image of hroad-photo2.jpg
Actual photo of Harburn Road - July 2002

Image of ewst1vsm.jpg
Valley View - Concession #2, East Gwillimbury, 2003, Ink, Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil Crayon on W/C paper, 11" x 15" - SOLD

Click here to see more on this subject du jour...

Image of ewphoto4.jpg
I drive by this valley quite a bit - I always get lost in the view - for north of Newmarket it is quite the marvel !!! So when some haywheels appeared - (around July 2003) - I couldn't help but take a digital photo of this area.  I actually had to take eighteen photos panoramic style and 'glue' them together in Photo Suite. Below is a smushed photo that I worked from. Oh yah - for those interested this painting took about three weeks to complete - and I may re-do it in a very large scale.. S

Keele Thru Kettleby

Image of kettlebyphotopan.jpg

Image of kettleby-mres2.jpg

This painting was highly influenced by the above photo - but Mick took wider sides on his version and a keen low to the road view-point... With the sorta fleeting moment feeling Mick tried to add the feeling of speed - whilst zooming down this beautiful countryside...

This Painting was selected for the Federick Horsman Varley Art Gallery of Markhams 2002 Annual Juried show !!!!
Good stuff good ole Mick ...

Image of kettleby-action1lr.jpg
Image of kettleby-action2lr.jpg

And here is the Dude at work.... The finishing touches are being added - Notice the Brown Pop on the side.... Mick does not encourage Drinking whilst Driving but its dandy whilst painting... Nice Easel - Yah this all wood Easel is the most amazing companion - It folds to about the size of a common Lap Top - and you can go quite large on it while it is fully open and stretched...

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