Eagle Lake Road

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2000 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolour, Plaster, Silver Leaf, and Pencil Crayon on Watercolour Paper - 11" x 15" SOLD

My family and I have been going to Haliburton ever since I can remember - and this road "Eagle Lake Road" is one of the most picturesque; especially at this particular instant.  When I was a child my father (who also was an artist) would stop the car at the instant he got to this spot - he would marvel at the several points of interest one could see at this freeze frame.  He taught me how to see things - I mean how to find a specific and highly interesting scene and obtain the maximum vantage.  And this scene is always changing - the water level of the dam fluctuates, the stream between can roar or whisper by, the weeds in the ditch come to greater height in the fall and the trees are forever changing - growing, dying returning to winter... I just dig this view!!! So Summer 2000 I finally decided to paint it - it was one of those muggy summers we have been having lately - I think the high greens depict the heat quite well.... This painting was sellected for the Frederick Horsman Varley Gallery (of the G7) Jurried Show in 2001 - So I am very proud to present it to you.  

actual photo - 2001

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and here's an actual photo of the road - this is not the one I worked from but it will give you an idea (Sept 2001 - on a grey day)

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