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This page is a work in progress - I am hoping that I can add more art work to it in the next little while.

A good body of my work has been influenced by environmental causes.  In fact, pretty much all of my work has an environmental message.  Even my earliest fragmented animals - speak of tragedies, near extinctions, destroyed land, or even question land use & zoning issues.

I have noticed that my landscapes are just as precious - farms I have painted are being turned into sub-divisions, my roadside influenced paintings also provide a vivid example of changes in land use - growing population and the turning of rural meadows into some form of development.  It has become evident to me that everything is changing at a rapid rate.  Are we moving too fast?  Are we not thinking of the future?  We share this planet with a wide myriad of life - and all life is precious.

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Bighorn Sheep at Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Reserve, Arizona - 1996 - 18" x 24" - Ink on Watercolour Paper.  An Air Force range in that area performs live fire exercises.  The sound of the super-sonic planes completely petrifies the Bighorn Sheep in the area - This Reserve was created in 1939 - with the intention of protecting the Bighorn Sheep.  This painting was influenced by an article writen by Jessica Stewart in 1996.

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The Flag of Land Re-Introduced to Wolves - 1997 - Ink on Watercolour Paper - 12" x 18".  This painting was inspired by the attempts to re-introduce the wolf back to Yellowstone Park - I remember hearing about meetings in the cinema at Gardiner - people on both sides were very passionate about re-introducing the wolf - I believe that the re-introduction of wolves in Yellowstone has currently ceased.

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Blue Pike - Ink and Watercolour on Watercolour Paper - 18" x 24" - - - "From 1885 to 1962, fishermen on lakes Erie and Ontario landed about a billion pounds of blue pike, making it one of the most important commercial inland species in the United States....By the late 1960's, their numbers had plummeted....The last documented species was taken in 1965.  In 1972 the Blue Pike was declared extinct.  The species had gone from abundance to extinction in scarcely a generation." (Mark Jerome Walters,  1996)

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Old Tex - 1996 - Ink on Watercolour Paper -  18" x 24".  This paintings inspiration came from a book my friend Randy had - the book was about the history of the land around Yellowstone Park - I was very fascinated by Old Tex - who in 1925 became too dangerous for the semi-ranching operation of the time....

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