Painted Guitars

This is something I used to do - a while ago.  I painted my first guitar in 1990.  I have painted about eight since then - - - But I have not painted one since 1996...  This page is sort of a curio - from the past.

Image of guitar-blueac2b-fw.jpg
title: The Find, 1990 - Mann Acoustic Guitar, Acrylic, Silver Leaf and Varnish
Image of guitar-nude12acwb.jpg
title: Florence, 1996, Eterna 12 String guitar, Acrylic and Varnish

Image of guitar-elec-sun-wb.jpg

title: Screaming Sunflowers, 1995, non-name-electric-stratocastor copy, acrylic and varnish

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Black and White Drawings

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