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This is Mick's new bag of tricks.  Reverse image prints.  They look like traditional prints - well maybe a bit like a dandy Warhol - but they possess a certain primative chee.  They are alive, modern, technically fascinating, and cool freakin' images.      

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Rainbow Trout - Reverse Image Digital Print - 2003 - High Quality Prints - tastefully framed $200.00
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I took the original drawing from my painting "Fish Tales".  I was quite pleased with my Lake Trout drawing - many people had told me that the trout was their favourite from the many fish I had drawn.  I changed the image to black and white - grayscale on Adobe.  Then I reversed the image to give it an dark sorta heavier presence.  

This triptic shows my progression for this work. I am no grafix genius by any means - but I do think that what I have created is my own new print making technique.  It may not be a 'pure' technique - but print making has always had a bad rap due to its process.  I have worked about as long as I do on a landscape painting as I did to create the Rainbow Trout.  So enjoy.  I am going to create about 25 of these images for an up-comming show - all of these reverse image prints will have derived from manipulations of my past studies.

Great Wheel Revisited

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Great Wheel Revisited - 2003 - Reverse Image Print - WIP... I have played, and played around with this image. Re-inventing my medicine wheel of Wyoming - until it is truly my own.

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Gull River Revisited - 2006 - Classic Ink Drawing reveresed and filtered with an orange and purple lens.

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Loon, Learning to Fly in Reverse Image (through a green and purple filter) - 2006

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Analogous Reversed Seahorses - 2006 - A wonderful play with the colour scheme of the original...

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Garbonzo with Nachos - 2006 - Reversed Image Through a Dayglow Filter - Wow this is Tex-Mex!!!

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Super Charged Bison - (Disco Bison Revisited) 2005 - Reverse image with a diagonal rainbow filter and framed with Platinum Bosch Spark Plugs!!!

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Fish Motif - Fish Tales Revisited - 2005 - fish of Ontario - Reverse Image Print through a diagonal multi coloured filter - love the one fish goin his own way...

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Night Flight Revisited - 2005 - bats and bugs through a reverse image and orange/brown to purple filter.

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