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As you know - I have been on a Backroads Kick - As seen in the Varley Gallery with my "Keele Thru Kettleby" Painting - I just can't get enuff of that country air & country scenes - who'd a thunk that Mick T - the Re-nowned animal painter would resort to painting Vibrant Country Scenes...

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Hayrows - (Warden - north of Queensville Side Rd.) - medium: Ink, Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Pencil Crayon and Clear Gel on Watercolour Paper - Size: 11" x 15"- Aug 2002 - $450.00

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Haywheels - (Glenarm, ON - near Orillia - off of Durham road 15) - Medium: Ink, Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Pencil Crayon and Clear Gel on Watercolour Paper - Size: 9" x 12" - Price $450.00 - SOLD  

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Valley View - Concession #2, East Gwillimbury, 2003, Ink, Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil Crayon on W/C paper, 11" x 15" - ($450.00)
I drive by this valley quite a bit - I always get lost in the view - for north of Newmarket it is quite the marvel !!! So when some haywheels appeared - (around July 2003) - I couldn't help but take a digital photo of this area.  I actually had to take eighteen photos panoramic style and 'glue' them together in Photo Suite. Below is a smushed photo that I worked from. Oh yah - for those interested this painting took about three weeks to complete - and I may re-do it in a very large scale.... S

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Hidden Haywheels - Old Bathurst Road, Aurora, Sept. 2003, 9" x 12" - Ink, Acrylic and Pencil Crayon on W/C paper - $450.00
I drive by this farm about once a week - It is on the Old Bathurst Road in north Aurora - I stopped the van and climbed up a cliff - so I could see the whole panaramick view.  I actually glued four photos together (digitally) - So I could have this wonderful landscape to paint.

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Country Drive

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