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Mick Tilman - Artist Bio

Mick Tilman was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1968.  He started to paint seriously in his early 20's as he was travelling around the US, Canada and Mexico. Mick developed a highly recognizable style that consistently evolved through his connection of shapes. His early work featured fragments that were more loosely spaced, as his style has matured these fragments have become more interconnected thus reducing negative space. This style is a self-taught technique that has evolved from classroom doodles to fully integrated works of art.  Mick draws images within images and forces background to become foreground.  Using a brilliant colour palette of inks and acrylics he creates vivid, vast and lush natural imagery.  

Mick's work also reflects an Environmental conscience that has been a consistent facet of his portfolio.  He has been involved with various Environmental Art Shows over the past five years, including: the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust and the Broken Fence Society's Annual Juried Art Shows.   His artwork is well travelled as it hangs in such places as Hong Kong, Vancouver, Montreal and Yellowstone Park.  It has also been in such prestigious galleries as the Frederick Horsman Varley Gallery, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection, A Space, Acadia Gallery, Ironwood Gallery and the Burnt Toast Art Gallery.   In October 2002 several of his pieces were in the McMichael Art Gallery as part of their Autumn Art Show and Sale.  As well many of his paintings are on display in a few dedicated private collections.
Mick has also been involved in the field of Art Therapy and has taught art to autistic and developmentally delayed people.  He has recently graduated from York University and has recieved his Consecutive Education degree.  He is currently teaching at the Intermediate level in York Region.  His  future goal is to continue with his artwork and teach art at the senior high school level.

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Me and the Big Tree - 1997 - Near Algonquin park - this is an old growth pine - believe it or not - huge tree by any standards...

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Country Drive
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